Tostada Camarón Loco - $8.50

Fish ceviche, shrimp ceviche, diced octopus and 5 whole shrimp

Tostada de Pulpo - $8.00 

Diced Octopus

Tostada de Camarón Entero - $8.00

Whole Shrimp

Tostada Mixta - $5.00

Shrimp ceviche and fish ceviche

Tostada de Pulpo y Camarón - $7.50

Octopus and shrimp

Tostada de Ceviche de Camarón - $5.00

Pico de gallo and shrimp

Tostada de Ceviche de Pescado - $4.50

Pico de gallo and fish

Botana - $13.95

Fish ceviche, shrimp ceviche, shrimp and octopus served with avocado, limes and tostada shells


Ceviche toasts, shrimp toast, octopus toast, we have a variety of toasts that will be your favorite.
All tostadas come with tomatoes, onions, cilantro and avocado.