Enjoy our selection of fish filetes de pescado, chicharrones, truchas, mojarras, huachinango and more...

Trio Juan - $12.95

1/2 order of chicharrones, 1/2 order of breaded
shrimp, 1/2 order of breaded coconut shrimp. Served
with pineapple, coconut sauce and lime with cucumber
and tomato

Filete a la Diabla c/ Camarón - $13.95

Fish fillet filled with shrimp in hot sauce

Trucha al gusto - $11.50

Trout cooked your way, in garlic, butter, hot sauce
or breaded

Huachinango - $Market Price

Fried snapper

Mojarra a la Diabla - $14.50

Fried tilapia seasoned in hot sauce

Filete con Camarón Al Mojo - $13.95

Fish fillet filled with Shrimp

Filete de Salmón a la plancha - $14.95

Salmon seasoned with house special recipe. Served with
rice, corn and mix of vegetables and cucumber and

Mojarra Empanizada - $14.50

Fried Breaded Tilapia

Mojarra al Mojo - $14.50

Fried tilapia seasoned in garlic sauce

Filete Marinero - $14.50

Fish fillet filled with shrimp, octopus, scallops,
cheese and special recipe

Filete a la plancha - $13.95

Grilled fish filet

Filete de pescado - $13.50

Breaded fish filet with cucumber and tomato

Mojarra Frita - $13.50

Fried Tilapia